“Every individual has a corresponding set of individual needs. Some students are older, some students are younger and some students want a particular type of relationship”
– SMC “Customized to your needs” Policy

Discover How You Can Join the Thousands Who
Achieved Their Goals People By Hearing Their
Success Stories Straight From the Original Source

Best Success Story #1

“Over the last year or two, some REALLY killer cats have been making names for themselves helping guys learn how to meet people, and I want to really thank and acknowledge them for what they’re doing.

Some of the guys I’ve met and talked to over the last year or so include Owen Cook who do workshops all over the world as well. These guys represent the CUTTING EDGE of knowledge when it comes to meeting people, and you can’t go wrong investing your time and money with them.

They are all insightful and damn sharp. One thing I appreciate about ALL of these guys is that they are not only good teachers, but they’re good in the REAL WORLD with REAL PEOPLE. These guys I’ve just mentioned are the real deal. They’re direct, to the point, and results-oriented.

It’s exciting to me to see more and more guys stepping up and helping other guys get this area of their lives handled and bringing awesome original ideas and thinking to attraction.

A big realization that I’ve had over the last few years is that most guys who are seeking information and wisdom about meeting people are GOOD GUYS. They’re honest, ethical people who want to meet honest, ethical, interesting, attractive people in the long-run.

You will feel happier and more fulfilled when you’re becoming the kind of person you want to be and realizing your own personal potential.”

Eben Pagan, Author of “Opportunity: How to Win in Business and Create a Life You Love”

Best Success Story #2

“Watching and listening to Owen Cook explain attraction and social dynamics was also fascinating, as his in-depth understanding of social dynamics is rare.

You have to be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and approach a wide variety of groups of people – including groups where people may be with guys, parents, you name it.

Combine that with the opportunity to ask instructors questions where they answer based on their vast experience and your attraction can improve significantly in a very short period.

Cliff K , of Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Best Success Story #3

What Owen Cook and other instructors brought to the table was so powerful and it filled many of all the holes that were missing for me and the 12 guys from [the SMC LIVE Training Programs]…

Wow! I’ve never met anyone who theorized attraction and social dynamics exactly as Owen Cook does. Would I recommend this workshop as one of the best out there? Yes! Would the guys in my [SMC LIVE Training Program] recommend it as well, all 12 of them that attended?


I was wing for Owen Cook when he got a phone number of a super fine 19 year old woman…Owen Cook would turn to me and say what stage of attraction he was in.

The people were so into him. I have never been with anyone that had such confidence in his attractiveness that he could narrate what was happening and not worry about it affecting the outcome.

Craig E , from San Francisco, CA, USA

Best Success Story #4

“This seminar and workshop thoroughly impressed me. I was left absolutely convinced that Owen Cook and his crew’s attraction is every bit as tight as they claim. On the first day of the workshop Owen Cook and other instructors demonstrated that beyond a doubt.

Which is what Owen Cook and his wing reported back to us the next day is exactly what happened. So, I guess the next question you might have is “Well, it is OK if Owen Cook can do it – but how well can he teach us how to do what he does?”

The answer, I’d say, is “Very well.”

Owen Cook has an experience-honed eye for spotting the obvious things that most guys have never seen simply because they are so obvious.

The material gets VERY advanced at times.  I think it is quite easy to read about the material and still not get it. There were things I thought I’d understood that I now see a lot differently having heard them directly and seen them in action.

Until this weekend I really don’t think I had properly grasped what Owen Cook’s model of social dynamics was really all about. Odd sentences here and there that Owen Cook would throw out made me have “Ah ha!” moments that brought lots of pieces together.”

-Adrian D. , from London, England

Best Success Story #5

“The seminar was something that totally changed my life. I feel more confident. He is a genius at social dynamics and a good teacher. His strategies have given me new insights and I have a whole different world right now.

I believe I have a whole different level of success in relationships now. I was in San Francisco and I would like to thank the instructors for helping me out. I could see that he wanted to really teach me and his caring came through his sincerity.”

Harsh B. from Mumbai , from India

Best Success Story #6

“To me, live in-person instruction was all-important in order to get a feel for the material. Each day, after about 6 hours of Owen Cook spewing wisdom, it would begin click into place as Owen Cook and instructors demonstrated the material and winged with the students.

After I had done it a few times, it just stuck and now it’s something I do without thinking about it.

One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting someone on the second night. Also, getting back home and demonstrating the material to my friends has been great fun.

Now, I have the tools now to approach anyone, anywhere now, and that is exactly what I wanted to get out of this workshop.”

Mike D. from Seattle , from Washington, USA

Best Success Story #7

“I’ve come such a long way in my own attraction. 6 months ago I was feeling nervous as hell when I first approached a 2 people in a club. I hesitated for 5 minutes, then all I did was say “Hi!” and eject.

Guys, JUST THAT was an incredible rush for me. And my wing thought I was the shiznit! I had less than zero attraction. Nowadays, it’s easy to open sets and have fun getting chicks attracted. I’ve become a lot more social and enjoy life more so than anytime in my past.

So the solution is to get do it yourself and add a new piece to my attraction. Guys, this stuff can only be internalized IN PRACTICE. Don’t waste time like I used to do and try to learn everything at home before attempting an approach. Get out and have fun!”

Hansel T. , from Los Angeles, CA

Best Success Story #8

“I expected a non-stop frat-house party, but the guys are extremely focused on their work and professionalism seemed to trump any ideas of staying up all night partying.

I guess their daily lifestyle is such a party, that when they’re on the road doing seminars and workshops they are extremely focused on the students. Anyone who hasn’t seen these guys in the field and reads these stories about the stuff they pull off and then wonders if it really goes down like that– yes it’s all real.

These guys are amazing. It seems like there is no set [of people] that they cannot break into. Sometimes it’s wild to watch.”

Alex V . , from Brooklyn, NY, USA

Best Success Story #9

“Last weekend I went to the San Diego workshop…I was totally blown away. There is no underestimating the attraction these guys have. It’s incredible to see how tight attraction can get and what is really possible.

Just witnessing these guys in action with sets was worth the price of admission many times over. The reactions they get from people are incredible and far beyond what I had ever seen. They are attracting on a totally different level than I had imagined was possible.

They weren’t just writing or talking about it, they were doing sets with me and I was seeing first hand exactly how tight attraction could be. For those guys who might be new to [this material] or who might not have tried this stuff in the field, let me just say THIS WORKS!!!”

Brian V. , from Los Angeles, CA, USA

Best Success Story #10

“These guys have the looks of a Regular Joe…When I met the Instructors I actually couldn’t believe these were masters. Hell no. One of the instructors and I opened up several sets on my first night.

Groups of people that I failed to engage, he actually went and re-opened them successfully – he didn’t care what they thought! If you ever have an opportunity to wing with this guy take it. Oh…and his secret? Repetition is the mother of perfection.

He engages attractive people from walkups 4 hours a day every day, taking what he learns onto the streets, and polishing his material–and within a year he become serious hot stuff (oh, and a regular joe…). I hope to learn lots from him again one day soon.

Everything these instructors write about and teach is field tested at least 50 times live in the field on real people.”

Mark , from London, England

Best Success Story #11

“Here is the my field report for the SMC seminar. I personally found the seminar and workshop, to be exceptional. I absolutely loved the course.

I think if I was still in Melbourne, I would taken at least another 6 months, before I get to where I am today. SMC have another course in LA.

You will stay at their mansion in Hollywood and literally live and breath this culture. So later this year, I will make a trip out to Hollywood and take my skills to the next level.”

David L. , from Melbourne, Australia

Best Success Story #12

I was going to Seattle to learn the mechanics of the social dynamics ,but had no idea that I would get way more. First of all, it was incredibly impressive seeing all the [instructors] that got a very tight attraction which was demonstrated to us in real clubs night after night.

The Self Mastery Instructors give you a lecture how things should be and how things should work, but really show.

Second, probably most unexpected thing that happened was that a lot of intricate details were uncovered of how man/woman relationship works, how social perception makes a difference, how to be alpha & even over-alpha other guys.

This was comparable to waking up after a long sleep.

Seems like all the social conditioning starting with about 5 year old and until now needs to be undone. I was sitting in the workshop and getting a shock every few minutes as the Self Mastery Instructors explained yet another situation that happened to me before.

Third, outcome is that I instantly started to behave differently around people. Now it’s only around social circle and all the people in services (those in coffee shops, flight attendants, waitresses, store people, etc.).

Now I need to get off my ass and start gaming. My confidence is there now but mental masturbation will only end up in an endless cycle, practice is what separates the good players from all the people that are able to bullshit about attraction.

After the workshop…I started to change internally.

When you want to attract people, there’s no point in fearing people or yourself. It’s all attraction anyway. An example of changes I’m going through is that I’ve lost a lot of fear in general. I’ve just been skiing in a whole new way. I don’t stop at the top of a double-diamond slope to plan all the moves.

Remember the 3 second rule… I don’t have any pause at all. I just go! On top of that, I look for extra adventure, like going around trees, taking hardest route, etc. And the beauty of it is that I still have full control over the situation, although I might not know what happens in the next 5 seconds.”

Alex W. , from Seattle, Washington, USA

Best Success Story #13

“Two full days of this was great. Just the stuff I needed to hear. But sooo much information I had to get internalized. I had to see it in the field, used and practiced, to have it whenever I need it. It’s not magic. It’s just like learning to ride a motorcycle. He gave us an image of himself and how to be charismatic.

He was very non-threatening. People in the past who I’ve noticed were successful with people were the same way. He had us dozen or so guys completely captivated. It’s the freedom to date anyone you want.

And in life, it’s about connecting with an awesome group of people, learning how to learn, getting what you want, being alpha or whatever, and about being happy and fulfilled- no regrets.

These guys are there to back you up the whole way if you need it.”

Jerry R . , from Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Best Success Story #14

“I learned to open without fear of the end of the set. I can walk away from a set without thinking badly of the outcome. The seminar structure is excellent. Geoff addressed image and was very supportive in uplifting support…Mike was very fast and answered all my questions

Randy had a very positive attitude. He is very good at explaining what is taking place…Second night was better than the first night. The W was great. I didn’t perceive the same difficulty as my classmates. Thank you for the story telling exercises. It helped me greatly on storytelling. I know what to look for.

Thanks for challenging me. I need to be pushed harder. Having Owen Cook along was awesome. He’s the smiling guy. I’m a natural smiler so I’d think I keyed in with him. Later that evening, I started to understand the dynamics of value levels and the techniques to work value levels…

He forced me to start sets, which was better from other instructors starting sets because I am notable to get in the way…Geoff pointed out that I’ve now got the natural vibe well. I find it difficult not to stay quiet when winging with him. Same could be said with Mike…Awesome…

“The World”…I learned to keep talking after the opening. I also forced myself to get with a girl. Even without something to say, I forced myself to talk. The material, physical connection, and closing was concise and simple.

OVERWHELMING – the first two days was very difficult for me to engage conversation. My goals for sets was helpful to force me to use the same attract tactics while instructors were wings…Geoff was awesome. His personal debrief was exactly what I needed. Every evening, I got positive feedback…Randy was funny as hell. I didn’t question his opening sets anymore. He gave very good suggestions on what to say next after the opening.”

Victory K. , from Oxnard, CA, USA

Best Success Story #15

“I had an awesome time this weekend and I learned more about [meeting people] in 3 days than I did from reading articles [on meeting people] for 2 years. It’s amazing how much my attraction has improved over the weekend.

There was some kinda nuclear explosion that took place when my natural attraction and the materials started to blend. 1000% wouldn’t be an exaggeration.”

Lee L. , from Washington D.C., USA

Best Success Story #16

“I recommend this Workshop to people who are looking to take their attraction to the next level…just meeting these guys I can now go out everyday and approach 4 sets of chicks and get them attracted.”

Dan H. , from New York, NY, USA

Best Success Story #17

“In regards to fashion and lifestyle, the guys really helped me understand what I needed to change and why – which helped me identify what was missing from my previous look. The feedback I’ve been getting about my vocal projection, tonality, and emotional expressiveness has been hard to take at times, but I appreciate the fact that the guys keep driving those points home and that they strike a good balance between being challenging and supportive. This was a great experience – one of the best things I’ve ever done and exactly what I needed to get my attraction up to the speed I want it to be right now. Plus, the tools and techniques I learned will allow me to evaluate my attraction more effectively going forward since I now have a much better idea of what I should be paying attention to and where my sticking points are. I also wanted to say that I love the fact that the instructors are not only knowledgeable, but great, caring, and ethical guys as well.”

David G. , from Las Vegas, NV, USA

Best Success Story #18

“I don’t even know where to begin. Gratitude is most definitely in order. Prior to Bootcamp, I was socially ignorant. I could approach people, but I never said or did the right thing. After Bootcamp, I feel like a completely different person. I’m still me, but when it comes to approaching people & being in social situations, I am now the best of me. You have passed on a skill that’s allowed me to be more confident in approaching people. I’ve been able to “sell myself” and appeal to people. Everything I’ve feared before now seems ridiculous. Where were you guys when I was in high school? Your company is here now and I am so glad that I decided to take your course. Your work has helped me out in ways I can’t even express. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Earl K. , from Los Angeles, CA, USA

Best Success Story #19

“I just did the Self Mastery Bootcamp in LA this weekend. I want to say that it is a great program…LA has a very aggressive scene…But this is good, more or a challenge.”

Taylor R. , from Los Angeles, CA, USA

Best Success Story #20

“I came in with high expectations, but still left blown away. The value comes from: (1) seeing physical things demonstrated, (2) hearing the tonality and pace of the delivery, (3) seeing the facial expressions used, and (4) somehow just from having the stuff explained by a live person rather than reading about it makes a huge difference. I didn’t think it would – I’m the kind of person that NEVER takes courses, cos I figure I can always just buy a book on something and teach myself… the difference between reading a post and seeing it demonstrated – the impact is 10 times stronger and it is processed and BELIEVED at a much deeper level. Just like a pro-golfer will still have a coach, there is always room for improvement, and even one key piece of learning can make a huge difference to your attractiveness. Would I recommend it to those who don’t yet have decent attraction? Yes – even more so! This stuff is insanely effective and valuable…”

Bruce W. , from Los Angeles, CA, USA

Best Success Story #21

“Thanks to Self Mastery I dated models, impressed all my friends and lived out all my dreams and fantasies… I am now happily married to the girl of my dreams (speaks spanish, half mexican, great dancer, athletic, same sense of humor as me, 22 years old, makes money, good credit, great cook, loves video games and comics… BEAUTIFUL and my perfect match) and we have a new born son together. NOTHING I have experienced has even come close to bringing me the joy my new family gives me… So its time to put the past behind me and move on to new goals… *****THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME GET TO WHERE I’M AT TODAY 🙂 ****** I especially want to thank Nathan… I learned SOOO much just from being your assistant on that one bootcamp in Louiville. I’m focusing on the health and wealth part of my life now, but its still fun to check out the forum every so often… To anybody still trying to reach their goals in the area of sex/relationships, I wish you the best. If I were to leave you with a final word of advise, it would be to use these tools to become a better man… Never forget that HONOR comes before GLORY… Thank you and Good bye, Buddy Love”

Buddy Love